We are literally stuck in the ’50s! But that is a good thing!
This blog will bring you updates on our Restaurants, Franchises, Events, as well as anything ’50s and ’60s related we find interesting. #FoodFunFifties


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  1. what has happened to worcester diner long time regular 6 years 2-3xs a day would like to know if this is permanent sign says untill further notice sadly miss it

    • Thank you for your comment and being such a loyal customer. Unfortunately we are closed and will not be opening again in Worcester. We too are saddened but hope that the future may bring another 5 & Diner to the area.

      • You closing the diner suddenly,.. irritates me.The unfortunate thing about the Worcester Location is that you opened it behind a large retaining wall not visable from the street. You still had a lot of locals “find you” and were loyal, including me. There are a lot of diners in and around Worcester, so to the say the least, the market can “bear it”. My hope is that a Greek/American diner opens there, after they move it to a location that is visable from the street.
        There is another sign in the window now with a Realtor’s bvusiness on it.
        My fear is that it will be bulldozed, or someone will open a god damned Dunkin Donuts,or another, chain restaurant, or non restaurant business in the building after gutting it. You’re concentration on development in the sunbelt is typical, and makes me wonder why you even have your headquarters in Maynard Massachusetts.

      • Hi Norm,
        We apologize for any frustration we caused you. We miss the diner as well. It was a tough decision for us to close our diner there because we love the 50s and love the restaurant, but above all we loved serving the Worcester area and knew how many loyal customers we had.
        We operate out of this area because we have a variety of other companies we own and operate.

        It is loyal customers like you that keep even the smallest diner open and wanting to do better each day. 5 & Diner plans to return to the area. When will that happen? We are not sure yet. But when it happens, we will post on our website and blog.

        Thank you for being a loyal customer,

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